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Abdy Retro Telephones

We are Abdy Retro Telephones, a small family business in the UK who specialise in the restoration, service and sale of classic retro and vintage telephones.

We sell two types of Vintage/Retro telephones:

Our most popular phones are actually original Old BT telephones that we have personally restored, serviced and converted for modern use (including the fitting of a high quality electronic microphone) . However because the original cases and handsets on these vintage telephones were damaged we decided to fit brand new original vintage style cases. These are Original re-cased 1960's 706 vintage telephones and 1970's retro 746 telephones.

We also sell a small number of brand new replica Trimphone and Scandiphone telephones that we have selected because we believe these are the most faithful reproductions of the original vintage telephones available.

These vintage telephones are our passion and we started this site dedicated to British telephones from the 1960's and 70's, we also have a sister website selling older antique telephones. We believe keeping the original 706 and 746 telephones in circulation by fitting new cases and cords is in keeping with our aim of keeping preserving these icons of telephone history.

Reproduction 1950s Telephones Reproduction 1950s Telephones Replica Trimphones Scandiphone Telephones

We hope you see a retro phone to your liking. These old fashioned telephones are vintage phones, old style telephones or antique phones. All the telephones we offer for sale are re-cased originals or replicas of old fashioned phones from the 1960s and 1970s. We make it obvious on our for sale page which is which.

Although this website sells re-cased old BT telephones and a small number or new replicas of old phones we also sell original Antique Telephones at Abdy Antique Telephones our sister website.

We have been servicing, restoring and selling vintage and Antique Bakelite telephones for many years and a lot of our customers have asked us to supply classic phones that have modern push button "tone" dialling. So we decided to also offer a small number of these replica "old style" phones as an alternative to an original old telephone. We believe that these particular "brand new" old style phones are good copies of the original classic telephones.

However if you prefer older (pre 1960's) antique telephone please visit our sister site were you will see our original old telephones for sale.

The brand new retro telephones come with a years guarantee from the manufacturer, whilst the original vintage telephones that we have restored and serviced come with a years guarantee from ourselves.

Please note that the 746 GPO telephones we sell all have original British vintage telephone insides, however we have serviced and adjusted these vintage telephones using our unique knowledge and skills so that they function reliably on a modern telephone line. For example all of our 706 and 746 telephones have a REN (Ring Equivalence Number) of 1, whereas many telephone restorers convert them but leave the REN at 4, using up 4 telephones worth of ringing current. This REN of 4 can cause problems on certain telephone lines and can intermittently effect other telephones on the same phone line. Unlike some other sites we do not sell Replica 746 GPO Telephones that are actually replicas of American 500 series telephones, or just cheap poor quality copies were the bells are a poor imitation of the originals.