Retro Telephones
Retro Telephones

About Abdy Retro Telephones & Questions (FAQ)

Why do we sell Replica Telephones?

Although we have been selling original old British telephones for many years quite a few of our customers have also asked us to provide modern push button "Tone Dialling" telephones in the same classic style of the originals. Basically some people want modern alternatives that are faster to dial out, compatible with all telephone companies networks and with the functionality of a modern telephone. However they want to combine these modern functions with the iconic style of the classic original old telephone.

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How do I buy one of these phones?

You can look at photographs of our telephones under Phones For Sale on the left hand side menu. You can then select the picture of the type of telephone you are looking for, which will open up a list of the individual telephones (colour options etc). From this list you can then simply select the telephone you wish to buy by pressing the ADD button. This will take you through to a secure PayPal site where you can securely enter your payment details (you do not need a PayPal account to pay by this method). Alternatively you can also pay for these replica telephones by old fashioned cheque or via Bank Transfer. Please use the e-mail button at the top of the page to request details for paying by these alternative methods.

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Should I buy a Replica or an Original Telephone?

The choice between an original antique telephone or a modern replica/reproduction phone is down to several factors (mostly personal preference). So to help you decide we have summarised some of the key differences in the table below.

Features Reproduction Telephones Original Telephones
Build Quality Good Excellent
Dialling out speed Fast Slow
Speech Quality Very Good Very Good *
Incoming Ring Sound Very Good Excellent
Style & Looks Very Good Excellent
Compatibility with telephone network providers 100% 99%
Extra Functionality (* # and redial) Good None
Collectability (investment) None Good
Cost to buy Low High

* Speech quality on old telephones can be classed as Very Good if converted properly and a new electronic microphone used.

If after looking at the table above you decide that you would prefer an original telephone we sell them on our Abdy Antique Telephones website. Back to Top

Why should I buy from here?

As a small family run business we have used all of our knowledge and skills gained from restoring antique British telephones (over many years) to locate the best possible modern alternatives to these classic telephones. As part of our selection process our technical engineer (who worked for BT for 32 years) has looked in detail at the quality and construction of these telephones. All our telephones come with a twelve months manufacturers guarantee.

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