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Retro Telephones

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Our 706 and 746 Telephones are Original Old BT Telephones that we have personally serviced, converted and replaced the Original broken cases with high quality Brand New cases, made using the original BT mouldings.

Regarding the replica Trimphones and Scandiphones we have searched far and wide to find a few good quality faithful reproductions of these retro phones. Our objective has been to offer for sale a small range of retro telephones that are faithful in style to the original old telephones.

Over the years many of our customers have asked us to stock modern push button "tone dialling" alternatives to our antique telephones, so we decided to also offer these "brand new" old style telephones as a good alternative to the original older pulse dialling telephones.

We have made every effort to find modern reproductions that match as near as possible to the original style and design of telephones that we have been collecting and restoring over the years.

We believe these particular re cased and replica telephones embody the classic iconic design of the original vintage telephones. However we also sell original Antique Telephones at Abdy Antique Telephones